Green Zone

As an active holistic life coach and wellness professional I am keenly aware at how often time must be taken to reflect on the state of consciousness as well as the state of our physical bodies. Using the energy intuition that is part of my gifts and skill sets I am able to tap in and get clear as to when it is time to cleanse and take a break from my daily regimen to get greater access to myself. As I am blessed with a spectacular network of wellness professionals with which to collaborate and align with I was invited to consider utilizing the cleansing power of products from Purium often known as the “ten-day celebrity transformation”. The first 10 days were definitely a spectacular and enlivening way to cleanse body mind and spirit and still have ample energy to attend to my very active practice.

The ingredients and intention behind each of the products is very much in alignment with my education and values for whole foods eating including special attention to organics and non-GMO resources.

Puriums commitment to helpful support by providing a naturopath for support questions as well as the daily text messages in a dose of techno enthusiasm only further confirmed how complete the quality of and dedication to health and wellness that Purium provides.

This was a cleanse that was originally formulated for actors, models and serious athletes and is now available to all of us with the following conscious formulation…

100% GMO free, soy free, vegan protein, dairy free, organic and free of artificial anything!

If you want to up the ante on your body’s ability to self regulate, regain youth and be wholly intuitive and it’s communication of nourishing choices this is an excellent start!

As I am a big believer in gift investing i am offering a promotion to all those interested after viewing the company’s website at which will then allow you to enter a gift card code saving you $50 off your first order and the gift card code is: tatianahirvin. Please feel free to contact me with questions at

Celebrating your vibrant wellness!