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Tatiana is extraordinary at reaching and coaching-the-soul into it’s fullest expression. She has helped me move from small, oppressed ‘me’, to a more expanded, confident version of ‘I AM’!

I have bumped up against some mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging decisions lately, and because of the depth of the work we have done, I was able to process and synthesize those decisions from a much higher perspective and place of compassion. The outcome and relationship shifted in an unexpected and beautiful way, which allowed for a creative, amiable solution in a previously tenuous partnership.

Instead of looking at situations and events as problems to be solved, I now expect and experience miraculous solutions!

~Schelli Whitehouse,

  1. Question:  Have you studied the Law of Attraction fastidiously, read the books, attended the lectures, watched the films and yet still find yourself unable to experience the personal breakthroughs you set out to attain?

Answer:  The Law of Attraction is governed by many other primary Universal Laws that must also be understood to develop at true skill at application.  When you know these Universal Laws and then take necessary reflective time to deeply and soulfully now yourself your gift for mastering these Laws begins!

  1. Question:  Have you struggled with the notion that when the Law of Attraction is taught it purports everyone is meant to be a millionaire, highly successful and equally public in their success or they are somehow inherently failing and living outside of the law as it was designed?

Answer:  Success at applying any law has to be based on  the inherent values and specific desires of each individual.  The Universe and the world we live in needs all of us and we do not all want the exact same things.  You can know what is within you to desire enough to align with and attract!

  1. Question:  Is it really that important who you spend your time with as long as you love them and you believe they want the best for you?  Can’t we keep everyone in our life, regardless of their outlook on life?

Answer:  We CAN keep everyone that we care deeply for in this life but we must develop skills for shielding and becoming more deliberately resilient so that our interactions are promoting of the outcomes we are intending to create.

  1. Question:  Can’t we override our negative thoughts with positive thoughts and simply think our way into health, success, prosperity and joy with sheer persistence of will?  Isn’t the determination of strength of will that matters most?

Answer:  The most important ingredient is scientific and equally mathematical.  The energy that you project is the energy that you will attract so the feeling and the tools to become more emotionally intuitive are essential!  Let’s show you how!

  1. Question:  Can using the tools of developed emotional intuition work to override someone else’s self-sabotage and reverse the damage they are doing to their positive energy intentions?

Answer:  It is a Universal truth that is a magnifying qualifier, that the will of another must always be honored.  To create a miracle for another, it must first be desired and allowed.  Quantum Science has demonstrated a multiplicitous effect when 2 or more individuals are collaboratively focused on the same underlying intention, therefore when we work intuitively together our effect is exponential.

What is standing in your way to successful creation in your life through applying your personal skill set of intuitive discernment?  Call or email us today for personal, customized, fully confidential sessions crafted to awaken and empower your intuitive connection!

Prosperity Through Emotional Intuition:

Prosperity Through Emotional Intuition:

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