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A Transformational Experience

You feel the quickening energy of Mother Gaia. You want to support her, to be a part of it! There has been and continues to be a soulful call to “sensitives” to play a key role in the integration of Gaia’s evolution… and She is READY! We invite you as a highly sensitive being to join us in strengthening, expanding and validating your intuitive gifts and talents in order to better serve the transformation we are experiencing on our planet for all sentient beings!

For Yourself ~ For Those You Serve ~ For Earth

Program Info:

When: November 8th, 2019 (3pm to 7:30pm), 9th and 10th (8:30am to 5:00pm)

Where: Woodbine Equine Center – Raleigh, North Carolina

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As a sensitive soul, you’re vulnerable, vulnerable to the extreme contrast of PURE LOVE and INTENTIONAL HATE that is presently being amplified on our planet. You may find yourself on the emotional seesaw of gratitude and acceptance of ‘what is’ one moment only to experience profound sadness and disappointment in the human condition the next moment.

It’s because you’re taking on the chaotic energy of the world instead of attuning to a higher frequency.

Life on this beautiful sphere is powerfully changing. WE are HERE NOW to anchor into this NEW EARTH, more peace, cooperation and harmony! This takes practice and skill!


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LOVE that is aligned with benevolent creation and respect for all LIFE.

How will your Everyday Life change when you can consciously uplevel
your relationships, career and health?
(HINT: It becomes AMAZING!)

Can you imagine your life without FEAR, DOUBT and WORRY?

Those are not emotions we have learned to ‘just let go’. Those are deep-seated individual and collective emotions that have become socially acceptable. We bond with others through the empathy of our struggles and compare our angst and woes for ourselves and the world. Yet, if we push away our emotions of fear and uncertainty, all of that negativity stays buried deep inside, attracting more negative circumstances and people. This is a rejection of a part of yourself!

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The emotion of fear carries one of the heaviest and lowest vibrations. If it remains buried and un-acknowledged it will affect every aspect of your life. It’s time to EVOLVE the emotions of grief and fear!


This is an era of necessary INTEGRATION of our entire selves… light, dark and undiscovered. We are called to integrate with our whole selves so that we can merge with the sentient connection all around us.

You are a light in the world and our work is to help birth this manifestation energy of LOVE into our collective consciousness. The more readily we align with this energy, the more accessible it becomes to others!

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HOW is it possible to align with the energy of LOVE more frequently when we are constantly being bombarded by negativity and chaos?

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Enter the horses and the abundant nature all around, waiting to show the way! The most powerful point of ‘creativity’ is the present moment. Our ability to connect with the energies of Earth, Divine Source, our Higher Self, Angels or any other vibration is in the present moment. Horses are masters of living in the present. When you are with them, they can ‘feel’ when you are not 100% present. They help you to witness and experience for yourself when you are not standing in your highest power of connection to yourself.

Connection to yourself is a requirement to connect to any other vibration you wish to align with!

The energy of ‘presence’ of the horses is so powerful, it LIFTS the vibration of everyone and everything, making LOVE the energy you feel and experience in present time. When your energy is vibrating to the frequency of LOVE, you will be amazed at the information you receive from Guidance and your ability to receive exactly what you need and desire with more ease and grace than ever before!

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Join us for this Transformative Experience!

The program includes:

1– Pre-Experience Group Activation Call via Zoom and Assignment Preparation
2 ½ – days of Deep in-Person Work with Horses and Our Natural Environment
1- Post-Experience Group Integration Call via Zoom

During This Spiritually Intensive Workshop You Will Explore And Experience A…

** Face-to-face meeting with your Archetypal Agreements and Embodiments.

** Deep connection to the Elemental Kingdom with Horses and the natural environment as our ‘bridge’.

** Mastery of your own energy and your response to the energy of others.

** Restorative Earth-Human connection as we integrate with the energetic vibration of the New Earth!

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Attendance is limited.
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Program Info:

When: November 8th, 2019 (3pm to 7:30pm), 9th and 10th (8:30am to 5:00pm)

Where: Woodbine Equine Center – Raleigh, North Carolina

Image of human and horse

Click here for more information and to schedule a conversation!

**ACCOMMODATIONS: If you are traveling in there are several hotel options within 20 minutes of the farm.
We recommend the Candlewood Suites in the Crabtree Valley Mall area.
(Reasonable, clean, kitchenettes, easy drive to the farm and a very nice staff!)
Address: 4433 Lead Mine Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: (919) 789-4840
There are numerous hotels in the Crabtree Valley mall area as well as Airbnb options.

We look forward to connecting with you on this extraordinary and personal experience of spiritual expansion!

~Tatiana and Schelli

PS – to listen to an interview on Solutionary TV where Tatiana and Schelli go deeper into the Earth and Equus connection.