“Purpose is what drives a human soul.  Making a difference is what qualifies it.”    Tatiana H. Irvin

Tatiana is extraordinary at reaching and coaching-the-soul into it’s fullest expression. She has helped me move from small, oppressed ‘me’, to a more expanded, confident version of ‘I AM’!

I have bumped up against some mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging decisions lately, and because of the depth of the work we have done, I was able to process and synthesize those decisions from a much higher perspective and place of compassion. The outcome and relationship shifted in an unexpected and beautiful way, which allowed for a creative, amiable solution in a previously tenuous partnership.

Instead of looking at situations and events as problems to be solved, I now expect and experience miraculous solutions!

~Schelli Whitehouse, TheSoulfulServiceProvider.com

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We have all been made aware that the average human being has access to less than 10% of their personal brain capacity.  While few truly grasp the significance of this conundrum, the implications of this imposed limitation are worth serious consideration.  If we could develop a skill set to tap into that latent potential, what unprecedented leaps in personal development and strategic partnerships would be possible?

Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin Dr. Irvin works with business leaders in both corporate businesses and start-ups to provide clients with essential feedback via energy awareness assessment tools, content rich Integrated Leadership presentations, and intimate breakout sessions, all helping to direct each client to their most purposeful and sustainable contribution.

Skills to develop and access to our latent potential with innovative discoveries in neuro-plasticity and epigenetics call our attention to this untapped skill set within us.  These skills can be taught and harnessed to enhance our day to day performance and sustainable wellbeing.

Tatiana is a #1 Bestselling author, motivational public speaker, teacher of Energy Leadership workshops teaching these tools in a step by step format for ease of integration and user friendly application.

Dr. Tatiana holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science, Energy Leadership certification from iPEC, Medical Intuitive Certification and various supporting certificates in “energy awareness” modalities and has a Ph.D in Philosophy specializing in Holistic Life Coaching.

What could be accomplished personally, professionally and as a community of likeminded and purposeful creators should we “power up” our undeveloped potential?  Let us awaken you to your innate abilities and provide the POWER to your purpose.